Your Order Has Arrived, What Next?

Opening the box
Remove the tape carefully to avoid accidentally damaging the plants or other contents. Inside the box you will find your invoice, wrapped plants, additional items, and packing materials.

If you are unhappy with anything, please contact us IMMEDIATELY.

Unpack the box
Carefully remove the wrapping surrounding your merchandise. We typically cushion specimens in a layer of tissue paper and then wrap in a slightly heavier weight packing paper.

Pot Your Plants
We recommend potting your new plants in a fast draining, 50 / 50 soil and pumice mixture. Water your plants with an amount of water equal to the pot they have been potted in. Do not panic if you don’t see new growth right away since some plants need time to transition and adjust to your growing conditions. Any leaves or flowers which fall off during transit will regrow.

Placing Your Plants
Avoid placing specimens in direct sunlight right away as there is a potential for sunburn given they've been in the darkness of a box the last few days. You will want to gradually acclimate them to your growing area based on the plant type.

If you encounter any issues or have concerns, please reach out to us directly using either our contact form, email (, or call the shop at (818) 482-8795